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Sort method Sorts the list by your specified criteria. The list sorting is carried out internally in TList, but each item pair compare invokes the function you name to this method. IndexOf method Gives the list position of a specified object in the list. Notes: You can add Nil pointers to the list. Delphi will add Nil pointers when you set the Count property higher than the current number of items in the list var List: TList<TDateTime>; List.Sort ( TComparer<TDateTime>.Construct ( function (const A, B: TDateTime): Integer begin Result := CompareDateTime (A, B); end ) ); PDF - Download Embarcadero Delphi for free Diese Funktion übergibst du dann an die Methode Sort: MyList.Sort(Compare); P.S.: Wenn du das nächste Mal delphi-Tags setzt lässt sich der Code leichter lesen Wenn du also einen Record als Parameter hast, dann kann das nicht funktionieren, da TList.Sort immernoch einen Pointer übergibt, du ihn dann aber als TItem Record interpretierst (also den Pointer als TItem im Speicher typecastest). Wenn du hingegen die Parameter als PItem (PItem = ^TItem) oder beide zu einem var Parameter machst (so das Delphi.

Sort list. This method sorts the list. If AComparer is provided, it is used to compare elements; otherwise the default comparator for the list elements is used. This sort is an O (n log n) operation, where n is the number of list elements Sort performs a QuickSort on the list based on the comparison function. Compare. type TListSortCompare = function (Item1, Item2: Pointer): Integer; procedure Sort (Compare: TListSortCompare); Description. Call Sort to sort the items in the Items array. Compare is a comparison Generics TList<> sortieren. 19. Jul 2016, 13:30. Ich versuche mit Delphi Xe5 eine generische Liste zu sortieren und bekomme vom Compiler die Fehlermeldung: [dcc32 Error] SortUnit.pas (255): E2035 Not enough actual parameters

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  1. However, if a change is made to TList.Sort, I suggest that name be overloaded and methods added so that it could use compare functions like any of the following TListSortCompare = function (Item1, Item2: Pointer): Integer; TListSortLessThan = function (Item1, Item2: Pointer): boolean
  2. use a TList or TObjectList with a Class Types instead of a record. Usually you end up subclassing either TList or TObjectList in this case. Use a dynamic Array of Record Types, but be aware that it's harder to sort an Array type, and that expanding an array type at runtime isn't as speedy as it is with a TList
  3. Implementing a sortable TCollection in Delphi Delphi's TCollection class is very useful, but out of the box it lacks the ability to sort the items in the list. Fortunately, this is easily addressable accessing some private properties of the TCollection class. Internally, the items in a TCollection are stored in a private TList named FList
  4. The quicksort algorithm is often used when fast sorting is required. Delphi is (Or was) using it for List.Sort for example. Delphi List can be used to sort anything, but it is an heavyweight container, which is supposed to look like an array of pointers on structures
  5. Description. The following code sorts the objects in a list in alphabetical order, based on their names. It assumes that the list contains only TMyClass references. The CompareNames function performs the comparisons between objects in the list and is of type TListSortCompare. The list is sorted when you click a button
  6. Sort a TList<T> About Us ©2019 Out of Memory Project is based on Stack Overflow's documentation archive that released under CC BY-SA 3.0 , and we bring it online as online references

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  1. Delphi; Diverses; Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Hilfe Ich hab schon versucht als Paramter der Funktion TList.Sort eine eigene Funktion<br> (function SortList(Item1, Item2: Pointer): integer <br> zu uebergeben, aber hat auch nicht geklappt.<br> <br> Vielen Dank im voraus<br> Thomas Barghusen<br> Tags: None. Frank Kneffel. Stammgast. Join Date: 26.02.2003.
  2. Code. var List: TList<Integer>; FoundIndex: Integer; begin { Create a new List. } List := TList<Integer>.Create; { Add a few values to the list. } List.AddRange( [5, 1, 8, 2, 9, 14, 4, 5, 1]); writeln('Index of first 1 is ' + IntToStr(List.IndexOf(1))); writeln('Index of last 1 is ' + IntToStr(List.LastIndexOf(1))); writeln('Does List contains.
  3. procedure TForm110.btnDetailClick(Sender: TObject); // numeric sort on detail var Compare : TFMXObjectSortCompare; begin Tri:=btnDetail.Tag; if btnDetail.Tag=1 then btnDetail.Tag:=0 else btnDetail.Tag:=1; ListBox1.Sorted:=False; Compare:=function(item1, item2: TFmxObject): Integer var n1,n2 : Single; begin n1:=StrToFloatDef(TListBoxItem(item1)
  4. Aber normalerweise kann man sich diese Mühe mit Hilfe von TList ersparen.TList ist ein dynamisches Array von Pointern. Mit ihm lassen sich mehrere Pointer verwalten und sortieren.Zusammengefasst lässt sich sagen, dass Pointer in Delphi wenig Bedeutung haben und selten vorkommen. Trotzdem kann man mit ihnen Speicherschonend Variablen anlegen
  5. Dafür ist der Zugriff auf ein bestimmtes Element sehr langsam. TList verwaltet als Nutzdaten Pointer, also nur Zeiger auf die eigentlichen Daten. Da in Delphi alle Objekte intern sowieso Pointer sind (d.h. eine Variable vom Typ TButton bezeichnet nicht den Button selbst, sondern eigentlich nur einen Pointer auf den Button

Delphi TList von Datensätzen (4) Clear, IndexOf, Find, Sort und einige neue Methoden wie LoadFromStream, SaveToStream, LoadFrom und SaveTo die eine schnelle binäre Serialisierung beliebiger dynamischer Arrays ermöglichen, sogar Strings oder Datensätze enthalten - eine CreateOrderedIndex Methode ist ebenfalls verfügbar, um einen individuellen Index gemäß dem dynamischen Array-Inhalt. Sorting a generic TList The next step is to implement a sorting method to sort the list on, for example, the Lastname property. A TList has a Sort property which has an IComparer interface that can be implemented like this using an anonymous method: (You will have to add generics.default to your uses clause The most basic collection class in the RTL is the TList class (in the System.Classes unit), which represents a general list of pointers (or object references). The container classes (in the System.Contnrs unit) includes the following: TObjectList, which is a TList for TObject references and includes ownership suppor

TList sortieren 06.03.2000, 22:58. Ich habe ein gefülltes TList-Objekt, daß ich mittels der Funktion Sort sortieren möchte. Dazu braucht die Funktion eine Funktion vom Typ TListSortCompare. Jedoch ich weiß nicht wie. Was muß ich für diesen Sort deklarieren und / oder zuweisen, daß er keinen Laufzeitfehler verursacht ? Tags: None. Wolfgang Roller. Stammgast. Join Date: 26.02.2003; Posts. Dieses Tutorial beschäftigt sich mit Listen in Delphi. Schon jeder, der ein Programm in Delphi geschrieben hat, hat auch mit Listen gearbeitet, aber nicht jeder hat es bemerkt. Es gibt einige Listenklassen in Delphi, hier eine kleine Übersicht: TList Eine Zeigerliste; TThreadList Eine thread-sichere Zeigerliste; TBucketList Eine Zeigerliste, als Hash-Liste organisiert; TObjectBucketList Eine. Delphi Basics: TStringList Type: Holds a variable length list of strings: Classes unit type TStringList; Description : TStringList is a utility class type. It is extremely useful for many kinds of list processing. Items in a string list may be inserted, moved and sorted. The list can be built string by string, or loaded from a comma separated big string, or even from a text file. TStringList. The Delphi tListView is an encapsulation of the Windows ListView control. It contains some of the features of the tListBox like Items, TopItem, Clear. But it has many other possibilities, like resizing of the Items, custom drawing etc 2.2 - Sorting a tListView by colum

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  1. To: delphi-***@yahoogroups.com Subject: [Delphi] Sorting a collection Hi ppl.. Does anyone know how to sort a TCollection object much the same way you can sort anything inheriting from TList. I see the TCollection class maintains it's list of items in a TList object but the TList is object is declared i
  2. FList.Sort( // FList は System.Generic.Collections.TList<T> 型 TComparer<T>.Construct( function(const L, R: T): Integer begin Result := // マイナス値, 0, プラス値、を返す処理 end ) ); たとえば Integer だとこう. Copied! FList.Sort( TComparer<Integer>.Construct( function(const L, R: Integer): Integer begin Result := R - L; end ) ); なんで、こんな事を書いたかというとわざわざ Comparer.
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  4. Represents method Sort(IComparer,Integer,Integer).. Namespace: Spring.Collections.Lists. Synta

Sort method Sorts the list by your specified criteria. The list sorting is carried out internally in TList, but each item pair compare invokes the function you name to this method. IndexOf method Gives the list position of a specified object in the list. Notes: You can add Nil pointers to the list. Delphi will add Nil pointers when you set the. More than 2000+ Delphi articles. 2005. július 21., csütörtök. How to sort a TList I don't have any versions of Delphi as old as 7, so I don't know for if the generic TLIST class was implemented then or not - I believe it was, and if so here is an example of sorting the newer generic TLIST. Source: Generics Collections TList (De.. Suggested Improvements for Delphi's TList.Sort and Test Pgm If you are interested in faster and more versatile sorting, you may want to look at my post in e.p.attachments with the above subject. --JohnH Suggested Improvements for Delphi's TList.Sort and Test Pgm. [Edit] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may. Ich programmiere zum ersten Mal was mit Delphi und dachte mir, dass ich es gleich richtig professionell ;-), also mit Objekten und so, versuche. Die netten Objekte bringen mich aber mittlerweile an den Rand der Verzweiflung. Mein Programm läuft soweit, nur möchte ich meine Daten noch sortieren. Die Zeiger der Objekte werden in einer TList

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using TlistSortCompare to sort Tlist. Pandora asked on 9/1/2001. Delphi. 10 Comments 1 Solution 1715 Views Last Modified: 8/13/2012. Hi, I know you can write a custom sorting function for Tlists but I can't work out how you actually define/call it. I have defined Tjob as an object and one of its properties is StartTime :TdateTime. I then have a list JobList:TJobList full of Tjob instances (or. Below is the simple program to illustrate the concept of TList generic class in Delphi. { Create a new List. } { Add a few values to the list. } { Add another element to the list. } writeln ('There are ' + IntToStr (List.Count) + ' elements in the list.'); { Remove the first occurrence of 1

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Container Classes. Recent versions of Delphi include a series of container classes, defined in the Contnrs unit. The container classes extend the TList classes by adding the idea of ownership and by defining specific extraction rules (mimicking stacks and queues) or sorting capabilities.. The basic difference between TList and the new TObjectList class, for example, is that the latter is. Können Sie einen Blick auf unsere TDynArray wrapper.Es ist definiert in einer Open-Source-unit von Delphi 6 bis XE. Mit TDynArray können Sie auf alle dynamischen Arrays (wie TIntegerDynArray = array of integer oder TRecordDynArray = array of TMyRecord) mit TList-wie Eigenschaften und Methoden, z.B. Count, Add, Insert, Delete, Clear, IndexOf, Find, Sort und einige neue Methoden, wie. uList contains definitions of a reduced version of the standard delphi TList and TThreadList classes. procedure Sort(Compare: TListSortCompare); property Capacity: Integer read FCapacity write SetCapacity; property Count: Integer read FCount; property Items[Index: Integer]: Pointer read GetItem write SetItem; default; property List: PPointerList read FPList; end; TDuplicates = (dupIgnore.

It is simple to sort a list of strings or objects in Object Pascal using TStringList from Delphi XE7 Firemonkey. TStringList provides a CustomSort function which you pass a function to that handles the sorting. The function that you pass to CustomSort should have three parameters and look like this StringListCompareStrings(List: TStringList; Index1, Index2: Integer): Integer; There's a demo program that ships with Delphi, called thrddemo in the Threads folder which shows additional two sorting algorithms: Bubble sort and Selection Sort. Cite this Article Forma Suggested Improvements for Delphi's TList.Sort and Test Pgm. [Edit] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible. --JivePart=_6f10a.zeB8CwDOH5aMJzMl Content-Type: text/plain; charset=Utf-8 This message is no longer available. --JivePart=_6f10a. Nested function as argument for TList.Sort (too old to reply) Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas 2003-11-26 23:30:37 UTC. Permalink. Hi, The attached program compiles and works fine under Kylix 3, and also compiles under fpc 1.9, but bombs with this message: An unhandled exception occurred at 0x0807F0B5 : EAccessViolation : Access violation 0x0807F0B5 It happens on TObjectList.Sort when the argument is a.

Designed for support under Visual Studio ( Visual Basic, VC++ ) editions 4 thru 6, as well as Delphi, C++, FoxPro, Access, Internet Explorer ( used on Web pages) , and other environments providing ActiveX support. TList .Net WinForms 2 designed for Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 is a true, native .Net component - easy to use, with familiar syntax for existing users of TList OCX editions. ( .Net 1. Delphi Power . Sorting Algorithms. Last Updated on Mon, 07 Dec 2020 | Delphi Data Structures. Sorting algorithms are one of the most studied topics in computer science. In general, we can calculate the execution characteristics of sorts relatively easily. Indeed, any sorting algorithm that uses comparisons to order the items being sorted can be shown to take at least O(nlog(n)) time. We will. TObjectList expands Tlist by adding the option to take ownership for the Tobject items added to the list through the use of the OwnsObjects property. Setting OwnsObjects to true will allow the object list to free the memory for each item in the list when the Tobjectlist is freed or removed from the list. Basic methods from Tlist such as add, delete, rearrange, locate, access, and sort. Solve 2: Open a new Delphi application project. Drop a listview (ListView1) onto the default form. Paste in the attached code. Hook up the FormCreate and ListView1ColumnClick event handlers. The custom sort procedure (and the callback) save the day. There are some limits and drawbacks to this approach though

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Am not sure what version of Delphi you have, and whether or not you have the source code. You could step through the TCustomListBox.SetSorted method, to see what actually happens. You may have to set some breakpoints, due to sending of messages. For normal sorting speed-up on a visible Jump to Pos ImageKit is a GPU based image processing, graphics rendering framework for Delphi developers (2D and 3D Effects). There is special page view control with 3D transition effects for pages with controls. SmartEffects VCL . SmartEffects is an easy-to-use VCL that enables you to create amazing splash screens, forms, controls and image transition effects. Over 50 families of 2D animation and. How can I copy the content of a TList to another TList? Peter Thörnqvist peter.thornqvist@eq-soft.se Thu, 2 Sep 1999 11:42:09 +0200. Previous message: How can I copy the content of a TList to another TList? Next message: SV: Help with size of application... Messages sorted by Here is a sample code that sorts via Array<T> or a TList<T>. It preserves the Key Value Pair relationship, and it can also be tweaked to sort by Value instead of Key. Also, it uses an anonymous method to do the sorting. Be sure to include Generics.Collections and Generics.Defaults in your uses clause. The first method to sort using TArray<T> Recent Posts. Alias for operands June 5, 2021; This week in KDE: Plasma 5.22 is nigh June 5, 2021; Move Vm between Resource group. June 5, 2021; maximize the profit in stock with python June 5, 2021; PhpOffice Spredsheet more than 30k datas file corrupted June 5, 2021; counting number of element is a set of integer array without using stl June 5, 2021; 3D rotation of Mgrid June 5, 202

One Response to delphi - Sorting TDictionary by a key of Integer in ascending order - Stack Overflow Stefan Glienke said. 2019/05/30 at 13:11. Or you just use Spring4D and write LDictionary.Keys.Ordered. Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here... Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required. Delphi TList. Generics Collections TList (Delphi), This example demonstrates the usage of the generic TList class. Code. var List: TList<Integer> The TList class is a very useful general purpose list container. It differs from arrays in that it provides richer functionality. In particular, TList objects can be sorted. This sorting can be by any. TList.Sortメソッドを使った整列. 「 TListを使った整列 」では、自前でクイックソート のコードを記述しました。. ところが、DelphiのヘルプでTListを見ると、Sortメソッドがあることが分かる と思います。. これを使えないのでしょうか?. 一見、TList型の変数を. Object Pascal im Detail - Besondere Datentypen www.delphi-treff.de 132 4.12.2. Listen mit TList Die Delphi-RTL Runtime Library bietet Klassen an, mit denen sich Datenstrukturen einfacher handhaben lassen al

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Delphi ist (oder war) es zum Beispiel für List.Sort verwenden. Delphi List kann verwendet werden, um alles zu sortieren, aber es ist ein schwergewichtiger Container, der wie ein Array von Zeigern auf Strukturen aussehen soll. Es ist Schwergewicht, auch wenn wir in diesem Thread Tricks wie Guy Gordon verwenden (Putting index oder irgendwas an Stelle von Zeigern, oder direkt Werte setzen, wenn. Prior to Delphi 5, the TList cleared itself by freeing the internal pointer array, a O(1) operation. Since they wanted the TObjectList to free its held objects under certain circumstances, they changed the fundamental nature of the TList in order to support this type of functionality. In Delphi 5 and above, and Kylix of course, the TList clears itself by calling a new virtual method, Notify. Delphi: Create a sorted TList that holds integers. Delphi: Create a sorted TList that holds integers. Articles Members Online: -Article Create a sorted TList that holds integers : 26-Mar-03: Category VCL-General: Language Delphi 3.x: Views 70: User Rating No Votes # Votes 0: Replies 0: Publisher: DSP, Administrator : Reference URL: DKB: Author: Jonas Bilinkevicius How can I create a. Sort the objects in the list. The Items of a TList are numbered from 0 to Count-1, that means zero based. Above D5 and Kylix, Borland changed the operation of TList with the introduction of a new descendant called TObjectList. They changed only the mechanism of freeing objects in a TList. If the OwnsObjects property of a TObjectList is set to True (the default), TObjectList controls the memory. Thanx, Then it compiles fine. The code is from a Delpi true_time translating app. Seems I have a job to do as the Delphi application is bulid on heavy use of Tlist and pointers wit

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Es enthält ein DUnit-Testprojekt. Über die Leistung, in der Tat ist es nicht langsamer als Delphis TList Standard Quick Sort Algorithmus überhaupt. In einigen Fällen kann es sogar schneller sein und meine Tests zeigen es. 4 für die Antwort № 2. Ich weiß, dass Merge sort zum Sortieren einer verknüpften Liste dient . Es ist nicht wahr. Mergesort eignet sich sowohl für verknüpfte. Delphi DBGrid is a powerful component if you are developing data aware applications. You are probably using the DBGrid component every day. And sometime we need to Sort DBgrid records on Ascending or Descending order on Column Title click. So here you'll see how to sort DBGrid dataset records on DbGrid Title click [Delphi] Tlist und einfügen von Objekten... Guten abend allerseits, bin gerade dabei ein kleines Abfrage Tool zu programmieren. Die Fragen sind in einem Textfile abgelegt. Ich hatte mir das eigentlich so gedacht, dass ich die Fragen in ein Objekt der Klasse tFrage packe und diese dann in seperate Listen packe, weil es mehrere Kategorien halt sind. Soweit schön und gut, jedoch hab ich ehrlich. All about Borland Delphi. Programming tips, downloads, forums, news, topsites, newsletter whats new ¦ programming tips ¦ indy articles ¦ intraweb articles ¦ informations ¦ links ¦ interviews misc ¦ tutorials ¦ Add&Win Game. Tips (1547) Database (90) Files (137) Forms (107) Graphic (115) IDE (21) Indy (5) Internet / LAN (131) IntraWeb (0) Math (76) Misc (127) Multimedia (45) Objects.

Protože se mi nechtěl psát žádný třídíci alg., tak jsem chtěl použít metodu třídy TList - Sort. Ale absolutně jsem ji nepochopil. Můžete mi někdo říct, jak ta metoda funguje + třeba nějaký příklad (prosím nekopírujte mi příklad z helpu k Delphi).DíkMichal Holub. Odpovědět na otázku. Mohlo by vás také zajímat . GPS hodinky Garmin fenix 3 (13) Delphi hra (29. Eine weitere Operation ist das Sortieren, der Sortiervorgang besteht aus einer bestimmten Menge von Lösch- und Einfügeoperationen. Hinweise zu den Angaben zum Speicherbedarf n ist die Anzahl der Elemente m ist die maximale Anzahl der Elemente x steht für den Zuwachs durch die Speicherverwaltung. Die aktuelle Speicherverwaltung von Delphi reserviert vor dem Block noch ein DWord (4 Byte) für. Delphi Generics Tutorial. Delphi tList, tStringList, tObjectlist or tCollection can be used to build specialized containers, but require typecasting. With Generics, casting is avoided and the compiler can spot type errors sooner. Using Generics in Delphi. Once you've written a class using generic type parameters (generics), you can use that class with any type and the type you choose to use. How to use Generic TList Class in Delphi? TList generic class is used to store a list of various data type variables in Delphi. Below is the simple program to illustrate the concept of TList generic class in Delphi. var List: TList<Integer>; FoundIndex: Integer; begin { Create a new List. } List := TList<Integer>.Create; { Add a few values to the list. } List.AddRange([5, 1, 8, 2, 9, 14, 4, 5. Delphi's Run-Time Library (RTL) To store any (non-string) data, we can use traditional TList and TObjectList classes or their more modern generic counterparts, TList<T> and TObjectList<T>. They all always work in an unsorted mode and so adding an element takes O(1) while finding and removing an element takes O(n) steps. All provide a Sort function which sorts the data with a quicksort.

(Eigenschaft Sorted) d) Button4 (Lösche alles) Die gesamte ListBox soll gelöscht und die Sortierung aufgehoben werden. (Methode Clear, Eigenschaft Sorted) 3. Speichern Sie das Projekt unter Listbox1.dpr und drucken Sie Sich die Prozeduren zur Ereignisbehandlung aus! Zusatzaufgabe: Fügen Sie im fertiggestellten Programm die Zahlen von 1 bis 20 in umgekehrter Reihenfolge in das Listenfeld. TList und TDictionary erhielten neue public-Eigenschaften, damit nach der Initialisierung auf die Definition ihrer Vergleichsoperationen zum Sortieren zugegriffen werden kann. Methode TryAdd zu TDictionary<TKey,TValue> hinzugefügt; ExtractAt(Index: Integer): T zu TObjectList<T> hinzugefügt; Verbesserte Leistung von TList<T>.IndexO new_list = sorted(set(num for num in old_list if 50 <= num <= 75)) What I don't understand is how the author could write all that code to do this and not realize in the end that there's something seriously wrong/broken with Delphi if it takes that much code to do something that can be expressed in such few words. People need to spend less time. Leider ist die Delphi-Hilfe ist sehr minimal in die beschreiben, wie Enumeratoren im Allgemeinen und TEnumerator arbeitet speziell und gibt keine Beispiele dafür, dass ich finden kann. Es gibt auch sehr wenig im Web geschrieben über Enumeratoren mit Generics in Delphi verwendet wird Ableitung von TList Ein Tafeleditor, Test der Klasse TTafel 5. Die Klasse TMaschine Formulierung in Delphi Verwendung von Ereignissen zur Aktualisierung der Formulare 6. Realisierung von View / Controller Das Hauptformular und die Integration der Teilformulare 7. Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung und Erweiterung des Projekts Ulrich Mayr, Speyer 27.5.2003 . Turing-Simulator, ein Softwareprojekt.

Generics were introduced in Delphi 2009. However, with some effort, you can achieve something similar in older versions. Delphi can be tricked into building a sort of untyped template with some compromise in readability. The article titled Templates in Object Pascal by Rossen Assenov describes how to do this We can store, delete, find and sort list of string in a TStringlist object. With this blog I guess you have some idea and used TStringlist. But TStringlist provides a distinct feature that allows to store Name and Value pair as a list item at a same time like 'James=1' in which James=Name and 1=Value. And some TStringlist properties or methods.

Implementing a sortable TCollection in Delphi Chris

TList.Sort - Problem sorting a list. 4. Shell sort vs. Comb sort (was: sorting arrays) 5. Problem on insertion record to RequestLive Query. 6. Binary tree object insertion problem. 7. ADO. Problem with new record insertion. 8. Insertion problem. 9. Image insertion problem. 10. Problem with. d: Insertion Sort is efficient if the input is almost sorted. Insertion Sort is inefficient, on average. Hi Jesper, The ComboBox Items is a Tstrings derivative and can take both a string for display and an object, so you could for instance call ComboBox.Items.AddObject('A Title',TObject(Tlist[I])) for each item in your Tlist, that way even if the list is sorted you can access the object using ComboBox.Items.Objects[ComboBox.ItemIndex] for the selected item

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Da Delphi heutzutage mit mehreren generischen Containern geliefert wird, sollte es meines Erachtens einen geben, der die obigen sauberer macht. Das erste, das ich mir ausgedacht habe, war TDictionary: type TSomeObjectContainer = TDictionary<string, TSomeObject> // etc. Leider erlaubt mir TSomeObjectContainer nicht, nur Duplikate zu ignorieren, deshalb muss ich diese Prüfung selbst. TList supported list. TObject TList. Delphi : C#.NET: Supported : TList: System.Collections.ArrayList: Yes : Properties : Capacit Die Zahl in den eckigen Klammern ist der so genannte Index. Er gibt an, auf welches Element des Arrays wir zugreifen wollen. Gültige Werte sind hier die Zahlen 1 bis 10. Ein weiterer Vorteil von Arrays ist, dass wir anstatt eines fixen Indexes auch einen ordinalen Datentyp angeben können. Das heißt z.B. eine Integer-Variable I have a TList which' items are continuously processed by many for-loops. I think that the only way to achieve this with pure Pascal code is to call Sort from a scope in which your class helper is not active. The point being that if your class helper is active, then Sort refers to the method in the helper. For instance like... Can I specify the save location for Delphi .dsk file? git.

TList<string> will take a little less RAM due to the absence of the Objects field, but much more in the executable file, because in the UI program, TStringList is definitely already used, but TList<string> is not. In addition, if I'm not mistaken, so far FPC does not combine the specialized generics for the same type from different modules To: delphi@elists.org Subject: Objects from a TList into a TCombobox Hi all. I have a TList with a bunch of objects and I want to use a ComboBox to display them and let the user select the object to work with. Getting the information into the combo is of course no problem but what is the smartest way to keep the connection between an item in the combo and the object in the TList? If I have a. TList のソート関数には TList.Sort メソッドの他に TList.SortList というメソッドがあります.このメソッドを使用すると,以下のように無名メソッド (無名関数) が使用できます. TList.SortList は Delphi 2010 で追加されたメソッドです

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